Awesome Battles and Shiny Aerodactyl!

Welcome in Everybody for another Post-Stream breakdown of our battles. Tonight I kept with the same strategy as yesterday and we managed to push our win-streak to 9…unfortunately it came to an end when we lagged and froze while a pokemon was dying…sadness…Overall tho wicked good night for battles. We ONLY HAVE TWO MORE nights in the 2500 league then it opens up on Monday to Master League and unlimited CP…I expect we will see many of the same Pokemon with a couple extras added in. I will have a post coming this weekend talking about my strategy going into Master League and which Pokemon I expect to see / plan counters for! I will continue this strategy of using Zapdos to quickly remove their shields with Drill Peck and then allow Gengar to send unmitigated Shadow Balls at will! Also worth noting tonight we were hatching some of the 7k EGGS and got a Shiny Aerodactyl!!!!! Keep in mind the 7K Eggs are “for the time being” hatching Fossil Pokemon! Not sure when this may change so im making use of it while the opportunity exists.
I hope to see you all again tomorrow and until then may the World treat you all well!

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