Pokemon GO Master League has begun!

Welcome in Everybody and I’m wicked happy to say that our theorycrafting from last night worked out really well today! We managed to get a new high Win Streak of 12…would have been higher but I made some foolish switches unfortunately…so I guess I need to study up on the weakness charts a bit more. Tomorrow we will stick with the same team of Machamp (Burner) Togekiss (Counter / Switch) and Tyranitar (DPS) this team seemed to ROCK it tonight in battles…we moved our way up easily tonight as I suspected we found many Dragon / Psychic Types which were dealt with easily by Togekiss. We also came across many Rock Wrecking Rypherior’s which I expected and a few fire type…This made Machamp a really good choice as well to easily deal with Rypheriors. Here’s to hoping tomorrows battles go as well as today and Rank 9 will be ours in no time! I hope to see you all tomorrow night from 5-7PM+ EST! May the World treat you well out there!

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