Rhyhorn Community Day! Rock Wrecking Fun and a Shiny of each!

Welcome in Everybody! Today was Rhyhorn Community day and your chance to score some Shiny Rhyhorns along with the chance for a special event only move for Rhyperior (Rock Wrecker)! Which I came across today in some of the last 2500 GO Leage Battles for this round as the new Master round will start on Monday! Rock Wrecker seemed pretty powerful in comparison for the other choices on Rhyperior right now because it seemed to charge very quickly in battle and do a moderate amount of damage even if it was “not very effective”. I was wicked lucky today and got to score 3 shiny Rhydon allowing me to have one of each evolution! I had to go out of town today and unfortunately did not get back until about 1:15PM leaving me with only about 45 minutes of time left for the event. Check out the Stream and the first two Rhydon I catch are BOTH Shiny!
Battle Strategy for Today! We continued again with the same strategy from the last two days only switching up team comps a bit to attempt to gain some Counters. Zapdos was again a mainstay on the frontline working to break down the shields and let Gengar do what he does best…Puts on his Victory Shoes and Dances away at the Shadow Ball! The wins were more consistent and we are now in the 1300+ Ratings! Just a few more battles tomorrow for the 2500 League and we will continue with this strategy and hope fully bury ourselves nicely in the middle or better of the 1300 range in preparation for the Master League coming on Monday!

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