PokemonGO League Battles – 2500 Strategy / Teamcomp Theorycrafting!

Heyy Everybody and Welcome on in! Time to talk about some PokemonGO League Battles. Most of what I talk about will be applicable across all 3 Leagues but some insights (what I see in matches at the time of writing / my team comp … will change with Leagues) may be League specific. Starting out before even selecting Pokemon I try to settle on an overall strategy I want to use to win. Currently in 2500 League my Plan is “Burn ‘n Blast!” My team is set up with “Burner” – Zapdos (Thunder Shock / Drill Peck) / “Blaster” – Gengar (Shadow Claw / Shadow Ball) with my third Pokemon being a “Flex” Position…right now I use Vaporion for a good counter because I have seen TONS of Fire / Rock Pokemon in rotation. My Strategy with this team is to lead with Zapdos and try to get them to burn their shields quickly. I generally try to wait for my switch until AFTER they use theirs…this will allow me to hopefully counter and have them stuck. I try to keep Zapdos out until it dies and its main goal is to have them use 2 sheilds…the repeated Drill Pecks will add up to decent DMG also. After their shields are down Gengar is able to charge Shadow Ball pretty quickly considering how much damage it does to many Pokemon even if its not Super Effective. Those are the two main Pokemon for me right now. Zapdos burns shields and Gengar does the DPS. We have to pay attention to what is common and pick a good Counter in the Flex slot…use a smart switch when we can to put that counter into play and enjoy our Victories!
I will have a post coming soon about the Master League Team Comp and Strategy…my Strategies will switch depending on what moves / Pokemon I have in each League. I am a huge fan of this “Burn ‘n Blast!” Strat so far tho! More battles tomorrow and Ill keep updates coming!


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