NEW WINSTREAK! 20+? More Master League Theorycrafting!

Welcome in Everybody to another amazing evening here! The internet treated me fairly well with only minimal lag and for once it didn’t break my winstreak! Tonight we ended the evening at 20 wins! I will be continuing tomorrow and hopefully this streak continues! Enough tooting my own horn XD let’s get down to what we learned / noticed about Tonight’s Meta! As far as the daily Meta it seems like things have shifted a bit. The core of the Meta is holding strong (Dragonite, Dialga, Rhypherior, Gyrados, Garchomp, Mewtwo, Tyranitar) Altho I noticed a serious lack of Metagross / Swampert / Snorlax compared to past nights. Metagross seems to have fallen right off from what i’ve seen. Which is nice for me to see because steel is one of my fears with Togekiss. I did notice more Vaporion / Giratina tonight than usual. I need something good to deal with the Water Pokemon but Giratina was easily dealt with by Tyranitar who was sitting at the front of my team…and with that let’s get on to the Teamcomp / Tactics! My team is staying the same…theorycrafting early on is paying off and were sticking with it! The change we’ve made tho is to switch up the order / overall strategy. I have shifted to Tyranitar (DPS) out front, Togekiss (Counter / Switch), and Machamp (Shield Burner / Counter). I am focusing on some early DPS with Tyranitar and hopefully forcing them to switch their Pokemon and that will allow me to hopefully switch to Togekiss / Machamp and have a solid counter while they are locked in. I have a good setup for the really really heavy Dragon / Psychic / Rock Meta. My moveset has Togekiss (Fairy / Fire), Tyranitar (Dark), Machamp (Fighting) making us strong against Normal / Rock / Steel / Dragon / Psychic and more but these are the most important to note since it essentially covers the Leagues Meta. This just means my wins are dependent upon a good switch / counter. This type of win condition makes it especially beneficial for me to see a good start and that is why I’ve switched to Tyranitar for his quick DPS to hopefully force them into an early switch…altho being Rock / Dark makes him weak to a number of Pokemon in the Meta but he is also pretty beefy overall and I had good luck with him leading the way tonight so we will keep him there for Tomorrow. So here’s to hoping for some more Victories Tomorrow and we can continue our Winstreak! Tyranitar leads the way and when they switch we make our move with Machamp / Togekiss and hopefully get a quick take down with fast attacks…no more relying on charged attacks like in 2500 league!

Until Next time! May the World treat you all well out there!

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