Getting Back Into This!

Heyy Everybody, Not a ton to say today except to let you know if you’ve been looking at the website here I will be getting back into posting on here more regularly after the streams! I will try to do a couple Webpage Exclusive things also to see If people pay attention here! Just a couple updates to the page…NEW THEMED Scheduled Streams! We will be doing Viewer Battle Streams on Friday / Saturdays (Rules will be chosen by viewers through a poll on stream during MONDAY’S livestreams…If a 2nd Poll is needed it will be on Tuesdays Livestream) All Polls are ONLY ACTIVE during the Livestream so if you want to have a say in the Battles / Vote make sure to stop in between 5PM – 7PM Eastern US Time Monday (and if needed Tuesday!)

Until Next Time May The World Treat You All Well Out There!!!

– <(`~`)> Rwarr –

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