Master League Theorycrafting…Were changing our strategy! Also Shiny Sandshrew!!!!!

Hello Everybody and Welcome on in! Time for another Recap of our nightly battles…Again while the lag was kind to us we had an awesome night of PokemonGO Battle League Matches! I am going to stick with the same rotation of Pokemon for tomorrow but we will be changing the order up. My strategy of burning shields and blasting em away from the 2500 league doesn’t work as well in Master because I don’t have a pokemon like Gengar (Amazing damage and quick charge on Shadow Ball)….My current setup is more focused on Countering the current Meta and doing lots of DPS through their quick attacks…This makes burning through shields much less important and survival to put in more quick attacks much more important. My focus now is to put Togekiss out first (since it counters most of the current Meta) and I need to save Machamp for the end of the fights because i’ve noticed that Rypherior is still very popular but no longer in opening the fight but instead they try to save for a finisher (especially if it has Rock Wrecker because it charges quickly and toward end of fight shields are less common). I’m thinking tomorrow morning / night (will do 2 pokemon streams with some battles in each) My Strat will be to focus on Countering…and staying alive the best we can to put in the most quick attacks possible. Learning more of the weakness / resistances will be beneficial. Like in tonight’s battles where we tested letting Outrage from Dragon Pokemon through to hit Togekiss…and learned it does VERY LITTLE damage. So we can save shields there. Here’s to tomorrow’s battles! Togekiss leading the way hoping for a quick counter…Machamp in the middle slot…and Tyranitar will keep the DPS position in the end. Let me know in the comments how your battles have been going and if you use any of the suggestions I put out! Would be cool to get some feedback / interaction with the Theorycrafting!
Until next time! May the World treat you well out there!

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