Progress in PokemonGO League Battles and Channel Growth!

Awesome stream tonight even tho we had a couple unfortunate happenings…first the Battle League stopping before we got all our battles in then the WiFi Hotspot I use to walk with decided to stop making internet when I got to the end of the road…However!!! The battles I was able to do were overall better than previous in the week. My Strategy for tonight was Leading – Zapdos with Thunder Shock / Drill Peck (because it charges very quickly). Our goal here is to hopefully burn through their shields quickly. Then allow Gengar to do some crazy DPS with Hex / Shadowball…he gave us a few occasions to throw on our victory shoes and go dancing at the shadow ball! I also kept in Vaporion tonight because I saw a LOT of Fire / Rock Pokemon in rotation tonight. Also worth noting we got TONS more views tonight than normal it seems we have made our way onto some “Suggested Streamer” lists! I will be back at it Tomorrow and here’s to hoping this continues!

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