PokemonGO Battle League Master Theorycrafting / Teamcomp / Tactics!

Heyy Everybody and Welcome on in to another Theorycrafting post! This time we are in preparations for the Master League Unlimited CP Battle Tier! It’s time to leave behind the 2500 league until next time and get ready for the Big Show! This is where Everybody will be busting out their most powerful and prized pokemon for battling! Let’s get right into this…My Tactics will remain similar to the 2500 league and we will work on finding a good Pokemon to have out front who can charge quickly and hopefully blast away their shields fast then work on a good Counter and the DPS slot. Before picking my team I have to try and anticipate the Meta for Master…I feel like we will see many of the same Pokemon as we do in 2500 League just a bit stronger and with a few new friends added in. I’m anticipating seeing more Giratina more specifically Giratina Origin, Lugia, Mewtwo, Latias / Latios, Snorlax, and Machamp all from the 2500 league and because of the recent community day I’ll expect some Rock Wrecking Rypheriors…Some new faces i’m anticipating will be Melmetal, Dialga, Darkrai, Metagross and Garchomp. One huge plus here is this leaves a lot of commonality between Steel / Dragon / Psychic / Fighting. This makes my first pick for middle slot / Counter Pokemon Togekiss – Charm (Fairy) and Flamethrower (Fire). I need to try to get a 2nd Charge move for more utility but having Fairy / Fire attacks means we are Super Effective against Fighting, Dragon, Dark, Steel (and more but these 4 cover the bulk of my expected Meta) This will make Togekiss particularly powerful if used in a well timed switch to trap a weak pokemon on the opponents team. The biggest thing to watch out for will be other Steel Pokemon against Togekiss. For my Shield burner I will have to test some things out but right now it looks like Yanma / Metagross may fit…maybe Vaporion / Machamp but im not so fond of those two right now. My DPS will be a toss up between my 100% Dragonite and my Decent Tyranitar. Tyranitar will be more beneficial against flying (not as expected) and Psychic (mewtwo / lugia / latias / latios)…However Tyranitar is also weak against Steel…meaning I would have a particularly hard time if they focus Steel pokemon…which is likely if things go the way I think they will. Dragonite is also weak against Steel…having all 3 will not work well so I may be forced to use Vaporion. The water will be beneficial against the myriad of Steel Pokemon / Rypheriors along with the potential Ground / Rock / Fire we may come across…Fire seems popular for glass cannons. I’m not sure what to expect out of Fire pokemon in the Master league but i’m sure well see some.
So to sum it up…We will be sticking with the Burn ‘n Blast method of burning down their shields quickly and then DPSing them down with some well placed counters / switches. My team will likely look like Togekiss / Vaporion (counter / switch), Dragonite / Tyranitar / Metagross / Vaporion (DPS), and Yanma / Metagross / Machamp (Shield Burner) I’ll have to run a few battles to see how they feel…need to get a good balance of Beef and Speed on the Shield Burner. Need to take a few hits but also charge / attack quickly to force them into using their shields. The Counter / Switch and the DPS position will be varied depending on the Daily Meta. I’m Thinking we will run the First Master League Battles as  Machamp (Burner) Togekiss (Counter / Switch) Tyranitar (DPS). Here’s to hoping it works out! Teams will change quick to be sure to tune in to check it out and then come back here tomorrow night for my recap and adjustments to the Theorycrafting! Until next time may the World treat you all well out there!

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